Complete Guide on Straight Talk APN Settings 2022

Are you facing problem setting up your MMS or apn settings on your straight talk phone? Do you want to learn how to do Straight Talk APN settings on straight talk phones? Are you struggling with straight talk phone apn settings? 🙁

If your answer to above-asked questions is a big yes, then you need to keep reading this step-by-step guide on how to do Straight Talk APN settings. So, let’s keep reading this post. 😀

Straight Talk APN Settings

Straight Talk APN Settings – How to Choose a Service Provider

There is two Official Version of Straight APN Settings, one is for those users who are using Straight Talk AT&T service, and another is for those users who use the Straight Talk T-Mobile service. So, Before you start unveiling the secrets of apn settings on straight talk phones, you first need to learn how to choose a service provider. So, if you decide to go with straight talk, you can choose from AT&T and T-mobile service.

Are You Using Straight Talk AT&T Service?

If your answer to the above-asked question is a big yes, then you need to consider stated below settings option.

Name – straight talk

Choose apn – tfdata


MMS proxy option –

MMS port option – 80

MCC – 310

Mnc – 410

Here, one point should be noted that you won’t need to set up a password or username for the same.

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APN Settings for T-mobile Service

If you are using straight talk phone with T-mobile service, you need to follow stated below instructions on apn settings for straight talk.

Name – straight talk

Apn – wap.tracfone

Port – 8080

Mmsc –

MMS proxy – you can leave it blank

MMS port – leave it blank again.

Here again, you won’t need to choose a username or password for the same.

Procedure to Enter Straight Talk APN Settings in a Phone

  • If you are using an android device, you need to follow this method. Go to SETTINGS>MORE>MOBILE NETWORK>ACCESS POINT NAMES>MENU>.
  • In the case of using an iPad or iPhone, you need to choose this option. Click on SETUP>GENERAL>NETWORK>MOBILE DATA
  • Having done the settings mentioned above, you also need to delete any available apn in your phone. Now, it’s time to reboot your device.
  • Having rebooted your device, you need to click on the apn settings menu, and then enter the above mentioned straight apn settings for iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, it is time to save available settings and reboot the device again.
  • Let’s enjoy sending and receiving MMS in your device.

Are You Facing Problems Setting Up APN Settings?

If your answer to the above-asked question is a big yes, then you need to check out stated below points to get rid of the straight talk apn or MMS settings.

  • If you are getting error messages while rebooting the device, you need to check its basic settings.
  • You are advised that before going through the actual apn settings process, you first need to grab adequate information about the same. For this, you can watch video tutorials on the same.
  • It is usually observed that many individuals simply ignore the specific settings for a particular service provider. If you are also doing the same mistake, you need to make it right.
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I Know that You are facing such issues. So here I shared all the settings of MMS and Apn settings of the phone. I hope you are now know all about the APN settings of Straight Phone 2019. I hope now you can solve your problem very quickly, and enjoy the post.

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