PayTM Download For PC Window 7/8/8.1/10 Laptop

PayTM App Download For PC: Do You Want PayTM Download For PC Window or Laptop? Yes, You can download and use paytm app on your pc laptop. Now, the main question is how? So If You Want to know how then This Article Help You to see how you download paytm app on pc. After reading This this Full Artice I’m Pretty sure you can download and use paytm app in pc very easily. As you all know how much paytm useful nowadays for bill pay online mobile recharge and money transfer etc.

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What is Paytm Download For PC

Paytm Download For PC

When it comes to the biggest Online Recharge service in India, Paytm leads in the list. Till date, Paytm is the most used service for online recharge and shopping. As known, that paytm is available for your smartphones, but now can paytm download for pc. If you are among those, who wanted to have this service on their desktops. Then this article is for you only, keep reading.

Since there is no doubt on the fact that in recent years PayTM has been the topic of discussion in the e-commerce business. Since with the new updates, you can not only recharge but also can shop from paytm website. Moreover, all the banking stuff can be done using paytm. So, if in case you are not having a Paytm account, I will recommend you to have one.

After creating the Paytm account, now let us move to our main job. Let’s see how paytm download for pc. Keep reading the guide step by step:

How to Download the PayTM app for PC

PayTM App Download For PC

Paytm is an official application for smartphones like Android and IOS devices. But, is not officially available for the windows platforms. Though it is not an official service for windows, you can download and use it with the help of VAD. Here we will use an Android emulator, which is a Virtual Android Device or VAD. This VAD runs on your computer and acts as a workspace where you can run all the Android games and Apps.

So, in the same way, you will use the android emulator to run paytm app on your computer. Just like you do run the apps on any Android device, paytm also runs on your computer, using Android emulator. To, download and use the Paytm app on your computer you have to follow the process-steps given below:

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Part 1: Download BlueStacks to install paytm app on PC

PayTM App Download For PC

So, first of all, you need a software named as Bluestacks in order for paytm download for pc. So, download bluestacks and install it on your desktop device. One thing to remember is that it comes with an online installer. And that is why you need to use a good internet connection to download and install it.

If in case you are using a low-speed internet then you have to try finding the offline standalone installer of BlueStacks as well. But, it is not that easy to find the current offline installer. We will try to come up with the download links of bluestacks offline installer later. But, for now, you have to manage the things with the online installer only.

Here’s the link for downloading the software in order to paytm download for pc

Download BlueStacks For PC

Part 2: Installing Paytm App on Computer via BlueStacks

PayTM App Download For PC

As soon as you download the bluestacks, open it. As you open BlueStacks, you will get to see a quite similar window as you see on your android devices. Since you are familiar with the working of the bluestacks if you have it on your smartphone. It becomes easy for you to handle it. And if in case, you haven’t used it ever then, nothing to worry about. We will talk about it in the article, just go on with the article.

PayTM App Download For PC

So, Next what you need to do is to click on the search bar located at the top of the screen. So, go to the search bar and type “Paytm app” and after that click on the link says “Search For Paytm App On Google Play” for paytm download for pc.

PayTM App Download For PC

As soon as you click on the link, your browser will redirect you to the google play link. Then the interface will be as similar as you will find in any of your Android or IOS device. Therefore, it becomes an easy task for you to handle it further. So, with the current interface, you can just click on to the “install” button. And then by accepting all the “terms and conditions,” you can install the app in your BlueStacks service.

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Part 3: Adding Paytm on Apps and Using it

After installing the paytm app on your BlueStacks, you are ready to go with its working. Then click on the home icon located at the right bottom corner of your BlueStacks window. After that, you will find a column of recent apps on the top center of your screen. Click on the right forwarded arrow icon. As you click it, a new window of  “all apps” will pop up and you can find all the installed apps of yours.

There you will find the icon of Paytm app, click on the icon. And there you go, you are ready to use it.

Just in case, if you are struggling with the whole process, you can watch the video. Here’s the link to the video.

My Conclusion:

So, the Important thing to mention here is that you need to follow these process steps carefully. If you do want the paytm download for pc, then you must follow these steps as mentioned. If you go with the process in the correct manner, then you will definitely see the paytm app on the BlueStacks window. Then, you can easily open it and use it in an effective manner. So, I hope that you guys would be following the steps.

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