Geometry Dash Apk Download Free For Android (Unlocked + MOD)

Want to Download Geometry Dash Apk? If yes then you are in the right place where I’m going to share the Direct download link of Geometry Dash App, so you can download in one click and also share the installing guide so that you can’t face problem to install the app.

There are thousands of arcade games available for smartphones and tablets but the problem with most of these arcade games is that the concept of each of them is very similar.

It is very hard to find a good arcade game with a unique approach. If you have played games like Flappy bird etc then there is one such game that you will love to play named Geometry dash.

This is a super fun game which you can enjoy by installing on your Android-based smartphone or tablet. In case you are looking to download geometry dash apk on your android device then you have landed on the right website.

Geometry Dash Apk Download

Today, it is time for us to have a look at the complete downloading and installing procedure of the Geometry dash apk so let us get firstly take a little bit about those game.

Contents List

Introduction Geometry Dash Apk

Geometry Dash is super addictive and fun to play 2D pixel game with colourful surroundings. You will be able to jump by tapping on your smartphone screen.

Many geometrical figures based obstacles are placed on your endless journey. The game will over whenever you collide with any obstacle while jumping so you will have to avoid the collision between your player and the obstacles that come on his way.

If you are thinking that it is easy to score high in such game then you are wrong as the floor is slippery which means your character will be continuously moving. You will have to keep jumping or else your character will collide to any obstacle.

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Features of Geometry Dash

Now, let us talk about some of the features of the Geometry Dash apk.

  • The journey is really long. There are a total of 20 levels. You can play the game for as long as you want to.
  • It is completely free to download on your android smartphones tablets.
  • The gameplay of this arcade game is super addictive so you will definitely fall in love.
  • It also has music playing in the background.
  • It is not a graphics intensive game so you can enjoy playing it even on a low-end smartphone.
  • There are two different modes to be played; Normal and Practise.
  • New players can learn the game in the Practice mode.

These were some of the most awesome features which you will find in the Geometry Dash apk. You can get to know about many more features by playing the game yourself.

Download Geometry Dash Apk

Finally, this is the part where we will be demonstrating the downloading procedure and we know that you have been waiting for this part so let us quickly discuss the downloading procedure.

In order to download the Geometry dash apk, you will have to visit the link provided below. The downloading process will be started on your android device once you visit the link.

Download Geometry Dash Apk

It may take a few minutes or longer to be completed depending upon your internet speed. Once it gets done, you will have to move to the installing part which is described below.

Install Geometry Dash Apk

In order to install this game on your android devices, you will have to check whether the “Allow Installation of apps from third-party sources” option is enabled on your device.

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You can enable this option by going into the privacy section under the settings of your smartphone.

After enabling this option, follow the steps provided below:-

  1. Step 1:- Click on the file which you just downloaded by following the above part.Geometry Dash Apk
  2. Step2:- Now, click on the “Install” option so that the installation process will be started.geometry dash 2.1 apk
  3. Step 3:- Now Wait For the installing.geometry dash 2.2 apk
  4. Step 4:- Now Installing is complete.geometry dash apk mod

Congratulations! You have successfully installed the Geometry Dash apk on your android device. You can now enjoy playing the game by clicking on its icon on your home screen.

Summing up:-

This was our tutorial of downloading and installing the Geometry Dash apk on your android smartphone and tablet. Thank you for reading till the end. We hope that you have found this article to be useful.

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