Top 10 Best Games like Runescape For Android 2022

Looking for Best Games like Runescape? If yes then Read on.

Runescape is one of the best fantasy MMORPG game that has attract20ed lots of gamers attention.

When you enter in the game, It welcomes you to its eternal world of Gielnor. The world is filled up with the fantasy of medieval time and many more.

games like runescape

Runescape offers lots of impressive features which allows players to interact and chat with other gamers.

All you have to do is complete the quests, look for the best resources, collect them, fight with monsters and other players who want to kill you and displaying your bright gaming skills.

If you are a die-hard fan of Runescape and MMORPG games and want to explore a similar fantasy world then you should try these games like Runescape.

You will find all of the games endure with identical features like Runescape. Although they can differ from their storyline, inner world designing, and mechanics.

But they will all meet your expectations. So, Here is the list.

Top 10 Games like Runescape For Android

No.1 ArcheAge

Top 10 Games like Runescape

This is one of the games like Runescape in the MMORPG world. It provides an innovative and beautiful world, where you can gather, craft, trade routes, and even make your own house, ships and castles.

You can also redesign the beautiful world with adventures and best features for players and characters.

ArcheAge offers a variety of content, unique housing system, different worlds, different characters for different genders, customize characters and many more.

This game has both land and sea-based combats.

It also has independent progression approach, which means from the beginning you have the freedom to choose your path.

At first, you don’t need to choose any class or be part of any clan. When you move further and turns into a better player you can select different skills and ability set. You can also select gender and classes.

No.2 AdventureQuest Worlds

games like runescape 3

This is one of the most popular MMORPG game and one of the games like Runescape.

There are four classes in the game Healer, Rogue, Warrior, and Mage. You can able to choose a character from those classes.

After you pick a character then you can fight with enemies.

You will gain reputation to level-up in the game and add abilities to your list.

This is much similar to original AdventureQuest as it offers you adventures, quests, and styles.

No.3 World Of Warcraft

games like runescape for android with quests and skills

It is a very very popular MMORPG game across all over the world that rarely requires an introduction.

Most addictive and a perfect alternative of games like Runescape.

It was developed in 2004 and still today this remains popular among the gamers.

This gives a fictional world of Azeroth. It has 13 different race and each race has their storyline or in another word, you can say 13 different creatures with having their own skills and powers.

There are many forms available to play like if you want to play like a human then choose Alliance if you want to play like an Orc then choose Horde. There are some other characters also available like Witches, Elves and many more.

This is a complex game which offers a plethora of options like you can create your own kingdom, army and also different characters to fight and attack.

It also provides the widespread endless world. So, you can go around exploring new things, fight with enemies and game mercenaries to earn money.

So, that you can spend it on customization like armor, sword, weapons and other things that will make you even stronger.

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It has many things such as beautiful regions, meet friends, level-up, defeat monsters, collect mounts and so on.


No.4 Rift

best games like runescape for android with quests and skills

Rift is a high ranked MMORPG game and also known as the rivalry of World of Warcraft series.

It is a fantasy based game which you can play for free and also a suitable alternative to games like Runescape.

It has its own fantasy world which attracts thousands of gamers who just want to enjoy the fantasy action world.

The MMORPG is set in the endless world of Telara. The Telara world consists core of six elements that are Air, water, fire, life, Earth, and Death.

The whole game revolves around the conflict between two gangs, one is called The Defiant and other is The Guardians.

Throughout the game, you can see different storylines where there is a central conflict between science and religion between these two gangs.

It contains devastating single-player campaign that keeps you engaging through the way. However, it also includes Multiplayer mode too.

No.5 EverQuest 2

best games like runescape for android with skills

EverQuest 2 is an MMORPG game which developed by Sony online entertainment. If you are fond of character customization fantasy game then this one is for you.

This is the iteration of EverQuest series and one of the games like Runescape.

This version is entirely free to play, so you can enjoy hours of entertainment without any tightness.

Its fantasy world called Norrath, which provides to add new line-up characters, excellent customization features, exploration and different approach to races and classes.

Players can create a character and solve quests, explore the Norrath world, kill monsters, and search for treasures.

This is also the best game to play with friends as you can help your friends to improve their gaming skills and level up.

You can also help your friends if they need a hand to get into the game world. Overall this game is one of the best multiplayer game.

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No.6 DarkenSang Online

games like runescape for android with skills

The next one in our list of games like Runescape is DarkenSang Online. This game is developed by Bigpoint.

This one is a free online game which you can play on any browser.

In this game, you are the hero and have to fight the battle against the monster in order to save the world and your loved ones.

It provides four character classes to choose from such as Mages, Rangers, Knights, and Dwarves.

You can pick any character and each character has its own specific skills, powers, and abilities.

No.7 Cable Online

best games like runescape

If you are like 3D Animation or graphics, you will definitely enjoy this game.

Unlike the other games like Runescape, this one slightly differs from other as it offers 3D graphics game to play.

This is an MMORPG game which gained maximum popularity in the South Korea market and eventually made its way into the international MMO market.

If you head over to play this game, it will turn out as a great source of entertainment for you.

Amazing 3D graphics, powerful backstory and combination of two rudiments i.e MMO & RPG will definitely fill your heart with satisfaction.

This game supplies you PvP and PvE environments to play battles.

PvE provides a great deal of grinding and quests which are totally dungeon based combats.

The PvP offers you to engage in Duels and Guild-based combats and war-oriented.

No.8 Villagers And Heroes

best games like runescape for android

Villagers and Heroes are also known as “Mystical Land” and one of the best games like Runescape.

This is an MMORPG based simple and Pure game but still, have many entertaining things to play with in depth and great storyline which will keep your enthusiasm at high.

The best part about this game is, it gives you absolute freedom when it comes to approaching.

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You will enjoy the various activities and exploring the wider spread endless world without making any strategy or game plan.

There will come some missions which you have to successfully complete in order to develop and improve your character in the game.

It provides you a lot of customization options which you can use to turn yourself into a perfect avatar and Hero.

You can choose a character like Hunters, different wizards, different warriors and priests. So, that you can enjoy the game more sensibly.

This game will give you different tasks to perform like crafting, building, managing farms, raise animals, gathering resources, selling products to other players in the game market and many more.

No.9 NeverWinter

games like runescape for android 2019

This is an action-packed MMORPG game free to play. If you are a combat lover and want to play the game as a single player then this is the game you are looking for.

In the game world, you can discover new cities and level up by killing the monsters. You can also choose one of the eight characters where each one has their own unique skills and ability.

After the disappearance of the last lord of Neverwinter, the city drowned into chaos.

In between battles for power, the dead began to rise and attack. The player’s mission is to detect what is after the skeleton.

After you reach in level 15, you can design your own quests which can be implemented and available to play in the game.

You can also team up with friends to dispatch monsters and assault dungeons.

There are lots of artifacts and powerful weapons that you can rub, which will help you to become even more powerful.

No.10 Mortal Online

games like runescape for android

Last but not the least, Mortal Online is one of the games like Runescape that offers PvP and PvE environments to play battles.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, this one is the best MMORPG game which provides you a widespread endless world where you can choose your own way freely.

Players who like tough games where survival is the main secret and takes all your gaming skills and ability to survive there then this game is the perfect one for them.

Mortal Online is ruthless, as you can kill anyone anywhere and if you manage you can rub them whom you encounter.

You start with basics, and step by step you will learn surviving there.

Using your expertise, you can craft necessary tools and use them against hunting or killing out creatures that keep an eye to kill you.


Here I have listed 10 best games like Runescape which you will enjoy playing.

All of them comes with their own beautiful virtual world and also allow you to customize it according to your preference.

Some of them offer to choose characters, cities etc. Some also allow you to invite friends which doubles your fun and entertainment.

But the real excitement comes when you perform the adventurous tasks that the games give you to do.

Choose any of them as per their features and your interest but you will experience lots of amusement in all of them.

There are also some games which are free to play so that you can enjoy your game time without any pressure.

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