Download Bluestacks for Windows 10 / 7 / 8.1

Bluestacks for Windows 10: Since most of the apps created for smartphones are not available to use on laptops and other computers, but still many of us have a strong desire to use them in our laptops and turn it on like an Android device. Many of us might have wished for it, and now finally we should thank Silicon Valley for the same.

You might have heard about Bluestacks, and even some of you might have thought of using it on their own laptops or PC. So undoubtedly it is safe to use but for those who don’t know what Bluestacks is and how to use it, can proceed further. You Can Also Check How You Download Paytm For PC

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What is Bluestacks for Windows 10

Bluestacks for Windows 10
Bluestacks for Windows 10

An American technology company which designed an app player to enable Android applications to run on PC’s or laptops. That app is known as Bluestacks. So basically Bluestacks is an emulator which is used to run Android apps and games on your Windows devices.

Isn’t it interesting? Allowing you to turn your computer or laptop into an Android device? Of course, it is. It is like a virtual window over Windows which helps you to run your Android applications on your system.

Minimum Requirements in Bluestacks for Windows 10

bluestacks system requirements
bluestacks system requirements

Before we start how to use Bluestacks and all, their system should meet the minimum requirements.

The minimum requirement for Bluestacks includes 2 GB or higher system memory, 4 GB of hard drive space, and a GPU with Direct X 9.0 or higher capabilities. The user also requires administrator permissions. Bluestacks is incompatible with the BitDefender antivirus software. It is possible that during installation, BitDefender antivirus software can cause some interruptions. Moreover, an update to the latest graphics card driver version is also recommended. 🙂

Downloading Bluestacks for Windows 10

Download Bluestacks for Windows 10
Download Bluestacks for Windows 10

Who loves poor quality internet connection? Even the Bluestacks installer doesn’t like it :p . So using BlueStacks online installer is a bit problem when you have the week internet connection and the slow internet speed. But using the Bluestacks Offline Installer is of great use. You just have to download the executable file, once you are done with downloading the required executable file, you can copy that to any system, or you can install BlueStacks on your laptop at any time.

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Download Bluestacks for Windows 10

Since it is an offline installer, installing the downloaded file does not require an internet connection. Offline Installer doesn’t mean that you won’t be getting some features or anything like that. It is a genuine way. It is very easy to download BlueStacks for free. After downloading and installing the BlueStacks on your Laptop, you can search and install any free Android app on your laptop within seconds. It can’t be copied to any other laptop. Now, you can go ahead with installing Android apps directly on your laptop. So now you can play Clash of clans on your laptop while working, you can use Whatsapp for laptop or even play Candy Crush on your laptop experiencing like you are playing it on your Android device.

How to download Bluestacks on Windows 10 or any other Windows

1. First of all, you have to visit the Bluestacks official website, and then you can see a blue colored box with Download on it. Obviously, it means downloading the software but be aware of other cookies available on the internet.

2. With a good internet connection, it won’t take that much time and once it gets downloaded completely, double-click on the executable file to start installing it on your system.

3. After a few clicks, you will be done, make sure to agree to the terms and conditions otherwise you won’t be able to move ahead.

4. The default location provided to install it is fine, but if have any issue with it, you can change it. It won’t create any issue with the location. Then follow the on-screen instructions and install it on your system. A desktop icon will be created, and you are ready to use it

How to install Bluestacks on Windows 10 or any other Windows

So till now, you know what Bluestacks is, why it is used and how to install it. So now let me tell you how to setup Bluestacks once installation is done. You might be wondering how much more you have to move your hands to make it work properly on your system. So let me tell you that with a little more effort, you’ll be done.

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1. So when you run the Bluestacks application, it will ask you for Improve location accuracy, so you can click on Agree if you want to. It is not that big problem.

2. After that, you have to select your preferred language. Now you have to sign in with your Google account; it is the same procedure that we do on our Android device.

3. After you have added your details, you’ll be greeted with a couple of options for Backup and Restore & Location and wifi usage. Fill it accordingly. Move ahead, and you are done. 🙂

How to install Android apps on Bluestacks

So with this step, you are done with everything that is required to setup Bluestacks on a system. Now let’s see how to install an application using Bluestacks on your laptop.

  1. When you launch Bluestacks, make sure to move yourself to the Home tab.
  2. There you’ll find three options named as – My apps, App Center, Help Center. To download an application, you have to be in the App Center menu.
  3. In the search bar, just type the name of the application you want to download or anything that you wanna install.
  4. When you enter it, you’ll notice all the relatable search results. Select your one and click on the one to install it.
  5. As you do on your Android device, give the necessary permissions asked for it and click on install.
  6. Once done, you can find your app in My Apps. 🙂

With this, you are done with everything. 🙂 Since it is a good emulator, many of the people fail to understand how to install anything using Bluestacks. Or how to play games on it. But I hope you already know how to do so. Although it has a good user interface and is friendly to use.

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