7 Best Real Time Voice Changer for Discord Apps 2023 {Update List}

Ever wondered what is the best voice changer for discord? Or Did you want to use Real Time voice changer software to prank your friends? ūüėČ Basically Well if your answer is yes! Then you are in the right place.

best voice changer for discord

so without further do Let’s get into the post.

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What is Discord?

The Discord application for personal computers is specifically designed for use while gaming, as it includes features such as free voice chat servers for users and has a dedicated server. Is used to voice chat while playing games etc.

What is Voice Changer Apps? Are They Safe to Install?

Basically, voice changer is a software or Android App that turn your voice into a robot, girl or a kid. These apps work in real-time so that they can be used in online gaming or chatting apps. They make you sound like a robot or cop and many other effects. Basically, these voice changer apps are safe to install as they only change your voice and they don’t take any extra data.

All the applications suggested below are 100% safe to install.

Need Best Voice Changer for Discord? Here are Our Top Suggestions.

Voice changer apps are the best way to sound in a funny way to troll others when gaming. For some reason, if you want to sound like a cop, Robot or even a kid then you are in the right place. With these real-time voice changers, you can troll your friends while gaming.

These voice changers for discord help you to troll when playing online games like Pubg, Counterstrike, Fornite, and Minecraft. You can literally troll your friends like a boss using these voice exchanger apps. These are the best way to sound yourself in a much more interesting way.

Best Voice Changer Apps for Discord

So here are our top picks of best 7 voice changer apps for discord. You can go through the post to choose the best voice changer for discord among our list.

#1 Clownfish Voice Changer

clownfish voice changer

Clownfish voice changer is no.1 in the list of best voice changer for discord because it has all the customizability options. It has everything that we need in a voice changer app. it is of free cost. It also has a user-friendly design.

Clownfish Voice Changer is an application for changing your voice. It’s installed on a system level so every application that uses a microphone or other audio capture devices will be affected.

In general, your voice will be modified in Steam, Skype, Hangouts, ooVoo, Viber, Discord, etc. You can download discord from the link below.


Supported Devices: Windows, Mac

#2 Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal voice changer is also a useful voice exchanger which is available for free. It is number 2 on the list for its customizability, User-friendly design and is available for free. It is a real-time voice changing application. You can Modify, change and disguise your voice in any application or game. that why I add in best voice changer for discord list.

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It has a simple user interface so that even a beginner can use it with some basic knowledge. It is also the best voice exchanger for discord. 

You can download local voice exchanger from the link below.


Supported Devices: Windows, Mac

#3 AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer

AV voice changer is also one of the best voice changer for discord available in the market. It has a user-friendly design. But major con of the av voice exchanger is that there is no free version available. You have to buy the software in order to use it.

It is one of the best voice changers for discord. It is compatible with discord, Skype, VoIP etc.. You can use it for online games or to troll your friends. You can morph the audio waveform, record, cut, mix, modify the voice with some presets and more. You can download the av voice exchanger from the link provided below.


Supported Devices: Windows, Mac

#4 Voice Mod

Voice Mod

Voice mod is also one of the best voice changers for discord. You can turn your voice into a robot¬†and many other filters. It is on the list of our top 5 due to its simple and user-friendly design. It is compatible with online games such as player unknown’s¬†battleground (PUBG), League of legends, Fornite etc.

You can trick your friends by using voice mod as it can change your voice over Skype, VoIP etc. How to use Voicemod is easy: Download for free, install and use the voice modulator/modifier with free effects. You can download voice mod for free. You need not to pay a single penny for using voice mod. It is totally free of cost.

You can download voice mod from the link provided below.


Supported Devices: Windows, coming soon for mac….

#5 MorphVox


morphvox is one of the best voice changers for discord. It is one of the high-quality voice changers which is basically free. It is available for both windows and mac os so you can enjoy this voice exchanger on both the popular operating systems. Using morphvox, you can just sound like a man or woman or a robot. Morphvox is well optimized for playing online games. You can enjoy the voice over with morphvox as you can do voice over seamlessly.

Using morphvox, you can even prank call your friends in a lady’s voice using VoIP¬†or Skype. Morphvox is on the list for the features it offers at the free of cost. You need not pay a single penny for using it. You could download morphvox from the link below.


Supported Devices: Windows, Mac

#6 Mumble


Mumble is one of the best voice changers for discord. It supports Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can also download third-party app plumber for Android and Mumblefy for ios.

It is specialized for low latency communication which becomes important for high-octane games with lots of fast action, especially ones that involve multi-players.

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It can also create positional audio based where you are in the game world, but this only supported on some games (such as most Source Engine games and Guild Wars 2).

If you want to host a server, just download the server version of Mumble and operate it on your computer. Then everyone else can download the client version of Mumble to connect to your IP address. You can also create channels to keep everything systemized.

While, that initial setup can be pretty frustrating, especially when you’re trying to set up the server software on your computer and unable to figure out why your friends can’t connect to it. But once you get familiarized with Mumble, it becomes extremely easy to operate.


#7 Team Speak

Team Speak

Team Speak is also the best voice changer for discord and free to use app and support on operating systems like Microsoft, Mac, Linux, Android, and ios. It is quite similar to Mumble in design and functionality but offers some unique features while also lacks in certain areas.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface with high-quality audio. This also has a flexible and powerful permissions system that allows different users to control various areas of the server based on their “power level”.

The Permissions are also divided into groups, so you can give control to one user over a channel and grant control over the server to other. It makes community management very easy. Like Mumble, you can buy self-host TeamSpeak or you can pay for hosting.

The self-hosted TeamSpeak server has the capability to hold up to 32 users at a time. If you request and you acquire a non-commercial nonprofit license, you can increase that limit by 512.


Final Words.

Here are the top 7 best voice changers for discord. Which one according to you is the best voice changer for discord? I have written a detailed post discussing the top 7 best voice changers for discord. That I personally prefer clownfish voice changer over other voice changes because it is free of cost, Highly customizable and is user-friendly.

I have provided official download links, and I recommend downloading from those links only and always avoid third party links to download any software as they may contain a virus. Comment your favourite software among the top 7. Also feel free to comment below if you have any queries, Thank you Keep Visit GeekHax

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