Top 12 Best Roku Private Channels List With Codes 2023

Looking For the Best Roku Private Channels? If yes Then You Are in the Right Place Where I’m Going to share The 12 best Private Channels of Roku With Codes 2023.

Roku comes with a wide variety of paid as well as free channel subscriptions. The availability of a never-ending list of channels is making it more popular every day. Along with providing several free streaming channels, it also offers some of the best Roku private channels, which are hidden.

In today’s time, most of the customers are looking for some extra service than the cable distributor provides. So, now not only companies but also customers are want to be in the win-win situation.

Irrespective of whether you are new or regular in Roku, for sure you will always get new and fresh channels to subscribe.

Best Roku Private Channels

As it offers more than 5000 channels to the stream which includes private as well as public channels, so the chances of getting something extra is always there.

Public channels can be accessible to everybody but what about the private  Roku channels? If I’m not wrong you are thinking exactly the same.

So, let’s have a look at Roku private channels.

Contents List

What is Roku Private Channels?

In the Roku store, there are many hidden channels are present as well which are commonly known as ‘Private  Roku Channels’.

When you scroll through the available channel list in Roku, you can’t even find these private channels, as they are hidden.

There are so many reasons for why it being hidden such as some of them are in beta mode, some require membership while others require third-party programs, etc.

How To Add Roku Private channels?

Are you are excited to know the secret of how to add private channels to your Roku list?

But before you take the first step towards adding private channels to your Roku list, you will need two main things.

  • A Roku account
  • The channel’s code which you want to add.

Now follow these steps to add private channels to your Roku list.

  • Step-1:- Navigate to official Roku website “” and select My Account.
  • Step-2:- Now sign in with your existing Roku account.
  • Step-3:- Then find ‘add channel with code’ option under ‘My Account’ section and click on it.
  • Step-4:- A pop up will appear, where you have to enter the ‘unique channel code’ in order to add your favorite channel.
  • Step-5:- After entering the code, click on the ‘Add channel’ option.
  • Step-6:- As these are the private channels, Roku will throw back a warning message, just click on ‘OK’.
  • Step-7:- Then it will ask for confirmation, now click on ‘Yes, add channel’.
  • Step-8:- Generally, it will take 24 hours for the channel to reflect on your Roku list.
  • Step-9:- But if you want to confirm immediately whether the channel has been added or not, you can simply go to settings > System >  System Update > Check Now.

Best Roku Private Channels 2023

There are more than 5000 channels on Roku which also includes private ones.

So, here I listed the 12 best Roku private channels which you can add to your Roku list just by entering their unique code.

No.1 NowHere TV (Code: H9DWC)

NowHere TV

This is one of the best Roku private channels since 2010.

It allows users to watch live streaming pogroms from across all over the world.

You can watch Khan Academy learning videos, John Green’s Crash course, Bloomberg Live News, Government-focused channels like

BBC, NBC, CNN International, C-SPAN, CBS News archives, TED Talks, NASA TV and Hubblecast HD, The Pentagon Channel, White House Press Briefings, International news from Al Jazeera (English, American, and Arabic),
PBS, and Universal Sports Network.

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You don’t need to install separate channels which will later slow down your Roku device. However, you can still enjoy all of these on Nowhere TV channel. If You Want to Enjoy On mobile then you can use Best Streaming Sites.

Its programming is extremely adaptable which every time provides quality contents on everything from cooking to sports.

It is free-to-use. As well as it also includes some other additional apps for better user experience like News Feeds, Twitter, Music etc.

Nowhere Bullet (code: nowherebullet )

Nowhere Tweet (code: V8MRS)

And Nowhere Vines (code: nowherevine)

No.2 Clikia (Code: clikialive)

clikia tv roku

These channel broadcasts live video with high-resolution video quality. It also provides more than hundreds of live video channels, on-demand videos, and ad-free commercial radio stations.

Cilika will blend with your family members very easily as it offers all TV series, reality shows, movies, and family-centric pogroms as well.

There are some free contents available which you can enjoy without any cost.

If you are ready to lose your wallet to some extent then you can buy the monthly subscription which will cost you $31.95/month.

After which you can take pleasure of cable channels like Sony, Cartoon network, TNT, FOX News, and ESPN.

No.3 Great Chefs (Code: great chefs)

This is one of the best Roku private channels, that provides videos on cooking related stuff.

But it doesn’t cover all the demanding areas, so most of the time users report about insufficient contents.

As there are very few cooking TV channels available in Roku, so this one is the most popular private channel among the cooking lover.

You can Learn best cooking skills from best chefs like Tuna Tartare to Brutti Ma Buani.

No.4 Roku Movies (Code: zb34ac)

Roku Movies

Roku movies is a classic movie channel that includes in the list of best Roku private channels.

It offers a great collection of high-quality movies in the category like action, comedy, drama, horror, mystery, material arts and many more. And For WebSeries You will able to watch series online on many sites that available online.

It also brings good old classic Hollywood movies like Casablanca, Gone with the wind, for a few dollars more etc.

If you are a fan of classic movies then this one is for you.

No.5 Ace TV (Code: active)

Ace TV

Another classic movie channel in the list of best Roku private channels is Ace TV.

It offers you endless streaming of old classic movies, science fiction, horror, Kun-fu movies and many more.

However, Ace TV is exclusive to adults. So it shows lots of B-action movies.

There are no limitations on exploration, you can stream all these contents 24×7.

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No.6 Back From The Grave (Code: BFTG)

Back From The Grave

This TV channel mainly includes programs like Tales of Tomorrow (science fiction), suspense category (mystery and murder thrillers and Noir), occult series, horror flicks, twilight zone and movies, psychological thrillers, etc.

If you want to install the channel, back to the Grave, enter the code “BFTG” and you are good to go.

No.7 iTunes Podcasts Channel ( Code: ITPC)

The iTunes podcasts channel lets you access to the iTunes podcasts directory and allows you to enjoy shows on your Roku device.

You can search for your favorite podcasts which you want to watch, explore trending podcasts and also organize your favorite podcasts for easy access, even with the simple interface.

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This service is free. It means you can access only those podcasts which are free.

If you want to explore the paid podcasts, you will need to access iTunes directly.

However, this is a very good option for podcasts devoted Roku users.

No.8 Daily Motion (Code: Dailymotion)

Daily Motion roku

All we know that YouTube is the leading video streaming platform but Daily Motion is standing just behind it.

But the second most popular streaming platform doesn’t have an official channel on Roku.

You can still able to enjoy your favorite contents on this private one.

Daily motion is one of the best Roku private channels and its ad-free experience makes it more popular.

No.9 Unofficial Twitch  (Code: Twitch TV)

Unofficial Twitch

When it comes for streaming sports contents, Twitch stands in the first position.

Nowadays it gaining lots of popularity among the gamers and has a channel on Roku.

It is now providing its service via every streaming device. You can search your favorite games on it and keep your relish on.

Though it is an unofficial app, you can able to see the twitch contents on Roku.

No.10 The Silent Movie Channel (Code: roll)

The Silent Movie Channel

Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, they all are the brilliant minds who got huge appreciations just by showing different facial and body expressions.

Now you can rediscover those finest moments on the Silent Movie channel.

Silent movie channel is the collection of early days silent movies, documentary, animation, horror, comedy and many more. You can Also free anime streaming on it.

Which you can enjoy at your comfort.

No.11 Science Fiction and Beer (Code: TZG6P92)

At the end of your day at the office, when you back home, you are usually tired.

Then you think what is the best remedy to overcome that tiredness and the best answer is grab a bottle of beer, crash on your sofa and watch science fiction movies.

This Roku private channel is perfect for you as it brings lots of classic science movies and shows which are free.

But unfortunately, no free beer.

No.12 Wilderness Channel (Code: fl821095)

This channel is the best alternative to channel like Animal Planet and National Geography.

This channel broadcast shows like hunting, fishing, survival training, Nature spirited program and many more.

If you are a huge fan of man vs wild series and missing it don’t worry you can also find similar contents on wilderness channel.


So, Here is the list of best Roku private channels which you can add to your Roku channel list by using the channel code. Make sure that you are logged into your Roku account.

There are a plethora of private channels are available on Roku. For more private and public channels.

Don’t worry if you are still not able to find the channel that will give you serious entertainment because new channels are popping up every time.

If you are not using Roku private channel then you are not using your device’s potential smoothly.

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