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Looking For the best Football streaming sites that allow you to watch your favourite team football match online? then You Are in the right place where I’m going to share the top 10 best sites to stream Football online.

No matter what is your age, which country you belong to, what languages you can speak you are definitely supporting any kind of sports or game. But in the busy schedule, we hardly get some free time to watch our favourite sports live on TV. So don’t forget this is the time of high-speed internet connectivity and if you get the perfect website to stream live sports, you rarely miss any live moment of your favourite sports.

Best Football Streaming Sites

But finding the right website to stream live matches is a tedious task as there are a plethora of options available for sports streaming sites. From which some sites are spams and direct you to unwanted pages which is not a good experience for any user.

That’s why we came up with 10 best football streaming sites which are completely free to access. So that you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favourite team matches live on the internet.

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10 Best Football Streaming Sites 2022

All the sites on the list are trusted and are completely free to use. These sites are not only for streaming live football matches but also all other sports like Cricket, badminton, basketball, Volleyball, Kabaddi, Rugby and so on. We Also Write on best free sports streaming sites.

If any of the listed sites are not able to stand out on your requirements, then do check the other sites available in the list. So without any delay check our list of best football streaming sites and never miss a live match of your favourite team.

No.1 Stream2Watch


Stream2watch is one of the biggest live sports streaming site which allows streaming all most every sports and game proceeding around the world. This site is so popular that you can easily find many mirror sites of it on the web to steam different sports.

It allows you to watch matches of Football, baseball. Hockey, cricket, wrestling, cycling, sumo, and many other sports as well. On the homepage, all the live streaming sports are listed out by their start and end time. So that you can schedule them easily for watching.

One of the interesting fact about this site is, all the sports channels stream their contents in High Definition. As this site is completely free to use, so it displays a lot of pop-up ads. So it is recommended to use a good ad-blocker for hassle-free streaming.

Another positive side of this site is the presence of a number of servers. In case if one server doesn’t work, you can try the other two, three servers to watch your favourite sports.

No.2 WatchESPN

watch espn sports live streaming online

WatchESPN is counted in the list of top sites to stream live sports. It is controlled by the official ESPN channel so you will find a very premium sports website that covers all sports-related news and videos. It streams all the popular sports like cricket, football, NBA, Formula1, WWE, NHL, Boxing, Hockey, Golf and many other sports that known to you. Interestingly WatchESPN let you watch all the sports free and without any disturbing pop-up ads.

But the biggest con of this site is, it only streams the sports which are related to the US and the streaming facility only available for US-based users. So, if you are not from the US, you will definitely miss its live streaming service.

You can also consider it as a live Soccer TV online free as it telecast live Soccer matches. WatchESPN is also available in app form on both Android and iOS platforms which you can download for easy access. But unless you are not in the US region, you can’t enjoy live streaming service. If you want to do so take the help of a reliable VPN service.

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No.3 Loala1.tv

watch espn sports live streaming online

Loala1 is an Austria based sports streaming channel which streams sports like Volleyball, Hockey, Table tennis, football and many more.

This site isn’t blocked in any region so you can watch your favourite game on this site from any location. On the homepage of the site, a bar shows the details of all the ongoing sports events from different corner of the world.

This site is completely free to use and if you are looking for a site to stream sports and games you can give a try to this site.

No.4 HotStar


HotStar is an India based website which gone popular overnight in the field of live sports streaming. It is owned by Star Network. With this app, you can watch sports like Football, Hockey, Badminton, Cricket, Kabaddi and many other sports. Also, Best for Watch Series online.

This website is not only dedicated to sports streaming but also streams Movies, TV shows, News, entertainment shows, web series, documentaries as well. HotStar allows its users to watch their favourite sports without even sign up, which is very helpful for those who don’t want to share their details everywhere. You can also watch all the contents on HotStar in High Definition. The user interface is very clean and takes a few time to load.

HotStar is available in both free and premium versions. In the free version, the live sports telecast with a couple of minutes delays whereas the premium version gives you an exact moment report.

No.5 FromHot


FromHot is one of the best free sports streaming sites with a very simple and elegant user interface which makes you visit the site over and over again. Apart from football, you can watch sports like baseball, volleyball, golf, Moto GP and many more on this site. Its Similar to Anime Streaming Sites.

This website has cycling streams which means you can switch to other sports stream from the tabs on top of the website screen. This site is completely free and you can start using this site without even signing up.

No.6 Sony LIV

sony liv

Sony LIV is a product of Sony Picture Entertainment which let you watch all your favourite sports without any pop-up ads. Like HotStar it also targets Asian sports fans.

On the home page, you will get a section like most watched and most trending sports. From which you can pick favourite sports easily.

Sony LIV allow you to watch sports like Cricket, Football, Hockey, WWE and many more. Here you can also get instant news and updates related in your favourite sports. In case if you missed the live match for some region, you can catch the highlight, interviews, post-match show of the match easily on this site.o

This site is not dedicated to streaming sports only, it also telecast Movies, TV shows, Web series, News and lot more. Sony LIV is also available in app form on both Android and iOS platforms which you can download for easy access.

No.7 CricFree


CricFree is a well-known sports streaming site with a very user-friendly interface which let you stream many popular sports for free.

The home page schedules your favourite sports with their start and ends time. This helps the users to check whether their sports is live or not. If your favourite sport is live you can simply click on the watch button to start the streaming.

On CricFree you can watch sports like cricket, football, Rugby, Tennis, baseball, and many other sports as well. Its chat box feature helps you to interact with other like-minded people from different corner of the world.

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No.8 Soccer TV

Soccer TV

If you are a true Soccer fan and want to collect all the Soccer updates then Soccer TV is the perfect place to get all of that. This website brings all the live Soccer matches, latest news, highlights and many more.

This site streams all the live Soccer matches from all around the world. Channels like Sky Sports, Fox Sports, HotStar, BeIN Sports, etc. are available on this site on which you can watch other sports like Football, cricket, Volleyball, Hockey, and many more.

No.9 Live TV


Live TV is one of the best football streaming sites with a very intuitive user interface which attract over 25 million visitors per month. It telecast all the sports happening around the world.

In this site the links for the ongoing matches are available, clicking on the links will direct you to the next page where the match is to stream.

This site is very much famous in European countries like Germany, France, and Italy. It is also available in five different languages like English, Russian, Spanish, Italian and French.  You can also create an account and ask questions in the forum about the live stream sports.

No.10 VIPBox Sports

VIPBox Sports

VIPBox is one of good football live streaming sites free with a very pleasing homepage layout which displaying large icons representing different sports. Clicking on the icons will direct you to the page where the live match is to stream. If there are no live matches available, you can click on other sports icon to watch their live matches.

It streams all the sports like Baseball, Hockey, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Boxing, Rugby, and many other sports as well. The homepage is so clean that any user won’t get confused. With the large box icons, it becomes, even more, easier to identify your favourite sports and watch them live.

This site is been functioning for approximately 5 years which means more links are made available to a live match. If one is not functioning, you can try the other ones out there. You can watch all the live matches in High quality and the broadcast stay connected throughout the whole match so that you won’t miss any moment of the match.

Final Word 

Cheering for your supporting team gives the extreme happiness and if you are a Football fan then you can’t stay away from the match for a single minute.

So if you are out of home can’t attend the live match on TV doesn’t mean that you will miss the energetic and thrilling match moments. That’s where these best football streaming sites shine. You can try any of the above-listed sites to watch live football matches happening around the world.

If any of the sites are not opening on your browser, this happens because your internet service provider (ISP) or your country government has blocked these sites. In this case, we recommended using a reliable VPN service to bypass the geographical restriction. Also, don’t forget to use Ad-blocker as these sites are completely free to use and survive on showing pop up ads to their users. If you know any other best sites to stream football live matches online free, comment down below we will add them to our site GeekHax list.

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